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P3 ProSell

P3 ProSell is a customized Salesforce Training & Adoption program for mid-sized to enterprise-level Sales Teams. The intent is to maximize your sales teams’ overall adoption of Salesforce, ultimately leading to better sales performance.

Is it for you?

If you have a sales team of over 50 representatives, are just starting to use Salesforce or already have it in place and learning that the team should be getting more out of it, P3 ProSell might be the right solution.
For sales teams of 50 or more representatives.


What can you expect?

Our engagements start with a discovery phase: the first of our 4-Step Define-Design-Train-Sustain model. Working with our Change Manager, Project Manager, Adoption Consultant, and Instructional Designer, our discovery will entail multiple interviews with designated leaders and sales managers and focus groups with sales team members. In the case of a reboot, we will aim to understand the critical mistakes made in the first iteration and the reasons behind the teams’ lack of adoption and success with Salesforce.  ​

We will develop a comprehensive change plan to support adoption, including communication, training, a sponsorship model, a sponsor coalition and change network, resistance management and sustainment strategies, and our ProSell Certification program for sales leaders and their teams.​​

ProSell engagements can last anywhere from four to six months, depending on the size of the sales team and the extent of any Salesforce re-configuration.​

If you have had Salesforce for a while but you are not getting the full value back from your investment, then ProSell might be the right solution.

Mark Christie

President, P3 Performance

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