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Training Solutions

P3 Training

We can provide your Sales Ops or L&D Teams with Instructional Design resources, custom training videos, certified trainers for virtual or onsite training, and other solutions when your team is stretched thin.

Is it for you?

Suppose you have a Sales Ops or Learning & Development group and are comfortable with your team’s ability to implement change. However, you lack sufficient resources or specific expertise in training users to leverage Salesforce. In that case, our P3 Training might be the right solution.

Training Programs

What can you expect?

Working with a Project Manager, Training Consultant and Instructional Designer, our solutions focus exclusively on providing custom training options to your teams.

All of our Salesforce training programs include custom curriculum development designed to provide the user with a hands-on learning experience in Salesforce that replicates what they will be doing on the job.

Depending on your timeline and budget, our training solutions can include the following:

  • Customized Training Activity Guides
  • Customized Quick Reference Guides and Tutorial Videos
  • A free two-month subscription to our patented in-app learning tool,
  • Certification programs for users based on their knowledge uptake
    and ability to perform within Salesforce

P3 Training solutions generally take two to three months to develop and deploy, depending on the number of users trained and the breadth of their job roles.

With over 15 years of experience training sales teams on Salesforce, we know what it takes to design and deliver engaging content — and turn it into actionable and measurable behavior.

Mark Christie

President, P3 Performance

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