P3 for Small Business

Salesforce Adoption Solutions for Teams of 10 or less

Customized Salesforce Training & Adoption program specifically designed for small businesses

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P3 for Small Business

P3 for Small Business is a customized Salesforce Training & Adoption program designed explicitly for smaller sales teams that either deploy Salesforce for the first time to replace an existing CRM, or just spreadsheets and Outlook or have been using Salesforce for some time but without any noticeable uptick in results.​

The goal is to maximize your sales teams’ overall adoption of Salesforce.​

Is it for you?

If you have a sales team of fewer than 10 representatives with 1-2 sales managers, have Salesforce in place and are finding that the team either resists using it or is just not getting as much out of it as they should, then P3 for Small Business might be the correct solution.​

For businesses where Salesforce is in place, but the team is resisting using it or not getting as much out as they should
Our 4 step process of Define, Design, Train and Sustain will be customized for you with our seasoned Adoption Consultants and Instructional Design team

ProSell for
Small Business

What can you expect?

Like our ProSell for Enterprise clients, you’ll use our 4-Step Define-Design-Train-Sustain model. While the training is customized, the approach is not. You’ll work with one of our seasoned Adoption Consultants and Instructional Designer. We use the same principles as Enterprise teams but with an eye toward smaller budgets and tighter timeframes.​

P3 for Small Business engagements generally last one to two months, depending on the extent of any potential Salesforce re-configuration. Sales Managers and sales teams will participate in our ProSell Certification program.​

How often have we heard, “I’m not sure we need Salesforce. It seems like overkill for our small business.”? Fear not. We have helped dozens of small to mid-sized organizations navigate Salesforce, positively impacting the business.

Mark Christie
President, P3 Performance

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