P3 for Sales Leaders

A custom program for Sales Leaders that is all about ensuring accurate forecasting – by ensuring that you have the right Dashboards and Reports you need to manage your teams.

Ensure Accurate Forecasting

P3 for Sales Leaders

P3 for Sales Leaders is a customized CRM Training & Adoption program designed to help your organization’s sales leadership, at both the executive and frontline levels, recognize and harness the power of CRM as a reporting and management tool.

Is it for you?

Generally, when an organization’s sales leaders are struggling to adapt to a world with CRM, it’s because the core business and sales processes, as well as the business’ KPIs, are not clearly defined, or if they are, those processes and KPIs are not being captured correctly in your CRM.

If your organization’s sales leaders struggle to leverage CRM, even though their teams are entering data, P3 for Sales Leaders might be the right solution.

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What can you expect?

We will work with your organization’s sales leadership team to help identify the organization’s Key Success Metrics and then work with your CRM implementation team to ensure that your CRM is correctly configured to capture these metrics. We’ll then work with the sales leaders to develop the critical reports in your CRM that they need to make better and faster business decisions.

P3 for Sales Leaders engagements typically last between three and four months, depending on the complexity and entrenchment of the organization’s established sales processes.

The sales manager is the heartbeat of the sales team. If CRM does not work for them, it’s unlikely to work for the rest of the group. We ensure your sales leaders know how to leverage CRM as a critical tool in their management tool belt.

Mark Christie

President, P3 Performance

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