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You are a Salesforce Consultancy, and your clients need a professional training solution – 
Workbooks, Tutorial Videos, Quick Reference Guides – for their amazing new implementation.

P3 Partners is designed for implementation consultants and firms

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P3 Partners

P3 Partners is designed for Implementation Consultants and firms that want the best training and adoption experience for their clients.

As an implementation consultant, you’ve mastered taking your clients’ sales and sales management processes and developing a Salesforce platform that hums! But as far as getting salespeople ready and excited to use it, well, that falls outside your area of expertise.

P3 Performance will partner with you as either a sub-contracted resource working under your brand, or as a preferred partner, and help to develop world-class training and adoption solutions for your valued customers.

Is it for you?

As a Salesforce Implementation firm, you want the most successful outcomes for your clients. Creating an effective Salesforce system does not guarantee maximum user adoption. You need an effective Change Management strategy. That is where we come in.

Using the Prosci ADKAR Change Management methodology, we will design a solution that ensures maximum uptake of Salesforce with a plan to manage user resistance.

Is P3 Partners for you?
What can you expect with P3 Partners?

Effective Change

What can you expect?

With our P3 Partners program, we will work closely with your team to understand your client’s needs, their business, their selling process and how you’ve customized their Salesforce experience.

Then we will work with you as an extension of your team to deliver a world-class training and adoption solution for your client.

Offerings can include:

  • Custom Training Workbooks
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Certification programs for users
  • Communication Programs to better foster awareness and desire
  • Salesforce-certified Trainers with years of training and real-world experience
Steve Davies, Director of Channel Management

Salesforce Implementations are what you do. Professional training is not. But your clients’ sales teams must know how to use their customized instances to drive outstanding sales results. That is where we can help.

Margaret-Manca-Daniels, Testimonial
Steve Davies

Director of Channel Management

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