P3 Health Check

If your sales team struggles with CRM, and you’re not sure why, our Health Check
will diagnose the problem and provide straightforward solutions to get you on track.

P3 Health Check - assessment of your sales team's readiness for change

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P3 Health Check

P3 Health Check is an assessment of your sales team’s readiness for Change and an evaluation of their current sales process and how that process is captured within CRM.

The best training program in the world won’t be effective if your team isn’t ready for change or your CRM platform does not deliver an optimum user experience.

Is it for you?

If you’re thinking about training your sales team on CRM, are you sure you’re ready?

Based on anecdotal evidence, we often assume people are ready or excited about the upcoming change. A team that is not entirely ready, or a system not optimized to support your sales processes, will be detrimental to long-term adoption.

Identify Key
Impacted Groups

What can you expect?

Organizational change requires individuals to move from the current state to the future state — which requires managing both the technical and people sides of the change.

We will also look “under the hood” at your CRM platform to assess your overall data and object structure, page layout design, sales process alignment and your use of reporting and dashboards.

We will then deliver our report of findings and make recommendations on what is needed to get your team and your platform ready for digital transformation.

You are ready to train the team on CRM. But are you really prepared? Our Health Check ensures everything is in place for a smooth and effective training roll-out.

Mark Christie

President, P3 Performance

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