Our Approach to CRM Adoption

Our approach to CRM adoption helps overcome resistance from your salespeople

Why Your Sales Teams Resist Salesforce

Our Proven
Adoption Strategy

Why Your Sales Teams Resist CRM

Attention: CEOs, Presidents, VPs of Sales, Sales Managers!

Have you made the smart move and invested in the world’s top CRM, Salesforce? Have you spent untold amounts of money with consulting firms configuring it? Do you look at your Salesforce license fees and say, “Wow!… We are paying an awful lot! Why is not the sales team getting more out of this system? If Salesforce is so great, why does your otherwise motivated sales team resist using it so much? Well, here’s the thing. It boils down to four very straightforward reasons.
  • They need to understand it better.
  • Your sales team must be 100% aligned on the proper sales process.
  • They feel as if they’re being micromanaged.
  • With a poorly designed system, you’re making your sales teams work harder than they need to.

We are willing to bet that not one, but all four are likely in play to varying degrees.

Fortunately, at Salesforce Training, we have seen this many times, and we have designed a proven Salesforce Adoption Strategy.

Our Approach to CRM User Adoption

Salesforce Training follows the prescribed strategies and leverages the tools from the Prosci ® Change Management program and their ADKAR™ Methodology to ensure we have the best chance of success in managing individual and organizational outcomes and maximizing your Salesforce ROI.

Change Management is applying a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome.

The Goals of our CRM Adoption program are the following:

  • Increase the probability of the project’s overall success
  • Manage our employee’s natural resistance to change
  • Capture people-dependent ROI
  • Build change competency into the organization
Salesforce Training follows the prescribed strategies
Even The Best Salesforce Training

Training Programs

Even The Best Training

Here’s the thing. The best, most well-designed training
programs, on their own, will not address the lingering issue of getting your sales team to use CRM.

We have worked with tremendous implementation
partners who’ve designed and installed pretty awesome systems. We have worked with leading executives that pull all the right strings to get the message out to the broader organization about the benefits of CRM.

And from our standpoint, we have customized and delivered Salesforce Training programs that have received high marks from users who leave training with knowledge to use

So why isn’t that enough? Because, if you’ve failed to take into account a true change management plan that addresses the people side of change, your results will be less than optimal.

Our approach ensures that you and your sales teams will increase their:

  • Speed of Adoption
  • Ultimate Utilization
  • Proficiency of the users

And ultimately, The business results that you are aiming to achieve.

We get your salespeople to think about why things work the way they do and how they can leverage it for their own individual success.

Mark Christie

President, P3 Performance

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