Methodology & Pricing

Learn about P3‘s methodology and what it means to your organization

A Fact About Change

So here is what we have learned in over 20 years of training salespeople. If you do not have a plan in place for follow-up coaching, it is doubtful that most of your sales team will change their behaviors.

How Does ProSell Work?

ProSell is a certification program for your sales team and a coaching program for your Sales Leaders. ProSell has been designed to incorporate time-tested and research-backed Change Management strategies.

Is It Expensive?

Compared to the costs of your implementation and the cost of NOT using CRM correctly, then, not really. The actual price, however, is less about dollars and more about your team’s time and effort.

The Great Paradox

CRM implementations often take months, if not years. Yet, somehow, organizations expect sales teams to become instant experts and embrace all that CRM offers after a few hours of training. That is not a recipe for success.

The Key Person

We help transform how sales teams use CRM to generate more in your sales pipeline and bust sales quotas. Our best clients are strategically focused sales leaders that want to leverage CRM to meet and surpass revenue targets.

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