Digital Transformation for Salespeople is Hard.

We make it less hard.

Adoption Company

P3 Performance helps Sales Teams achieve a higher level of CRM Adoption.​

We’re a Change Management Consulting firm. We do one thing – help sales teams use CRM more effectively.

We do this by ensuring a seamless marriage between three key factors – your salespeople, their sales processes, and the CRM platform.

Our Solutions

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P3 Prosell – Increasing adoption of Salesforce for sales teams adoption

P3 ProSell

We have had CRM for a while, but the sales team’s adoption is low.

P3 Health Check

We are about to run a training program, but we are still determining if our team is ready for change or if our CRM is configured optimally.

P3 Training – Resources to increase Salesforce Adoption

P3 Training

We are the Sales Ops or L&D group responsible for training but need additional resources to lift CRM Adoption.

P3 for Small Business – We are a sales team of less than 10 users and we need to maximize Salesforce utilization

P3 for Small Business

We are a small sales team with less than 10 users and aren’t maximizing our CRM utilization.

P3 for Sales Leaders

Our sales leaders need help with adequately using CRM as a reporting and management tool.

P3 for Admins – Providing Salesforce Adoption services for Salesforce Implmentations

P3 Partners

We are an Implementation firm, and our clients need a professional CRM Adoption solution.

Training programs, on their own, are not enough. CRM Adoption works when we optimize your 3 Ps – People, Process and the Platform.

Mark Christie
President, P3 Performance

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